Simone D. (everydaysimone) wrote in 12monthscrack,
Simone D.

Date: July 27, 2007 SUMMER
Characters: Isaac Mendez, Simone Deveaux,
Summary: Someone's getting marrrrried!
Status: In progress
Location: Church
Open to everyone! Come have fun!

Simone stared down at the napkin sitting on the vanity in front of her. She'd been writing her name in red ink for the last ten minutes. She was no longer scrawling 'Deveaux' in her elegant cursive, instead, 'Mendez.'

She wondered if her father had calmed down from this revelation yet.

He hadn't been pleased when she announced that she was taking Isaac's name.

'Everyone knows 'Deveaux.''

'Everyone will know 'Mendez,' too.'

In any case, she'd won the argument after much debate. Her father knew better than to press her now.

She glanced up and caught her reflection in the mirror.

Her hair was elegantly twisted above her head and the veil would lay perfectly with it. Her makeup was flawlessly done.

She creased a hand down her dress, smoothing out the wrinkles in the white silk material. The dress was simple and elegant and she could never have found a more perfect gown.

She felt a shiver of excitement twist up her spine.

It was almost time. She vaguely wondered if Isaac was fairing much better.
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